Friday, July 10, 2009

Dominick 30?

Dominick turned 30 on July 2nd and didn't want us to celebrate his birthday this year. We did not have a birthday cake, a party, or even a special dinner we did nothing. I am sad to say the day came and went like any other day. But it was his day and this is what he wanted. Needless to say, this has bothered me for the past week and then it occurred to me if Dominick doesn't want to celebrate his birthday that is ok, I will celebrate giving birth to a beautiful baby boy 30 years ago! (I just can't let this special event pass by without a bit of a shout out)
This picture was taken in the hospital, don't you just love the hospital pictures no posing just take the photo! But I think he is adorable.
Dominick-Hospital July 2, 1979

Here is a picture of Dominick with Grandma at his first birthday hmmm he doesn't look too happy could this be the start of not wanting birthday cake I wonder.......

Dominick and Grandma at his first birthday-July 2, 1980

Nope that is not it he likes the cake here he is at about 18 months as you can see he really likes the cake!

My sister's baby shower -Feb 1981

All grown up with Jamie blowing out the candles on his birthday cake last year at my sister's house on July 4th. By the way the pretty girl on the left is Kristin, Dominick's girlfriend.

Credits Scrapbook page -Jessica Sprague "DID"

I know one thing for sure it seems like from the day he was born in 1979 I blinked and here I am writing this in 2009! I can't believe how quickly time passes as I was looking at pictures of him from the time he was born until now I could actually recall each moment and how special they were. Again another reason why I SCRAPBOOK! Make sure you preserve your memories and now that our photos are digital get those pictures off the hard drive or your memory card, printed and into albums.

Oh and Dominick - Happy Birthday
I love you,

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