Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playing tunes to fit your rhyme........

I love Carly Simon and her song "Legend in your own time" reminds me of my son Dominick. He is an aspiring singer songwriter and his songs are amazing. I am in awe of his writing ability especially since I am always struggling for the right words when writing just about anything including my blog posts! He performed an acoustic set this week at the Vibe Lounge in Rockville Center just him, his guitar, and his songs. He has not had a live show for quite some time and it was truly a joy to watch him and listen to all of my favorites by him and a few cover songs. If you want to see him at any upcoming shows in the future just let me know and I will send the info!

Credits- Scrappers Guide June Premiere Kit
In His World Kit by Veronica Spriggs


  1. Thanks! He was really good at the last show! will keep you posted when he books some more gigs