Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goodbye Summer

I hate saying goodbye to summer because it is my absolute favorite season. I know we still have plenty of beautiful fall days ahead but the shorter days are a reminder that before you know it winter will be here and I hate the winter. Cold weather and I do not get along! OK enough of my complaining, I can assure you I didn't start this blog to complain. Complaining is not allowed! As promised here are some photos from our annual family picnic at Belmont Park and our weekend in Montecito.

This year we had our 17th annual family picnic. Notice the card game only my family would bring a card table and poker chips to a picnic! Always a great day lots of food, games and fun. That cute little baby with my cousin Dawn is Priyanka the youngest and newest family member isn't she adorable?

Montecito at last! My cousins Mike and Donna have a fabulous beach house in Montecito. We finally went to visit them and spent the weekend with the family. Relaxing at the beach, delicous meals, enjoying the Fiesta, and most importantly each moment we had together. We are a bi-coastal family some of us live the East coast and some on the West coast so we don't get to spend much time together. Keeping that in mind you can imagine this weekend was very special for me. Hopefully next year we can get the whole family there wouldn't that be wonderful. Thanks again Mike and Donna for a wonderful weekend!

Background paper- Veronica Spriggs -Rejuvenation
Brush-House of 3

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